Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Get the Perfect Sir Walter Buffalo Turf for Your Sydney Garden

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Looking for a high-quality Sir Walter Buffalo Turf that will make your garden stand out? We’ve got you covered! At Top Tier Turfing Solutions, we understand that a great lawn starts with superior turf. That’s why we offer a handpicked selection of Buffalo Turf, designed to meet your specific needs – whether it’s durability for a commercial area or the perfect green for your home garden.

Our experts will guide you through choosing the suitable turf for your property, ensuring it flourishes beautifully. Our top-quality products and installation expertise promise a durable, stunning garden—experience, outstanding customer service and value with Top Tier Turf.

Experience the ultimate transformation of your lawn with our bespoke Sir Walter Buffalo Turf installation services at Top Tier Turfing Solutions. Request a free measure and quote today.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf
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The Benefits You Can Enjoy With Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

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    Our Seamless Process

    Consultation and Planning
    1. Consultation & Planning
    2. Clear The Area
    3. Prepare The Base
    4. Levelling The Base
    8. Watering
    7. Cut It, Trim It, Roll It
    Installation & Clean Up
    6. Laying The Turf
    5. Fuel it Up
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    Here’s the simplified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Installation Steps

    1. Consultation & Planning: We’ll have a chat to cover your needs, discussing the installation day, size, cost, and timing. Expect a free onsite visit from Top Tier Turfing Solutions to draw up your perfect lawn blueprint.

    2. Clear The Area: We’ll prep your space by removing weeds, debris, and pebbles, ensuring it’s ready for Sir Walter Buffalo Turf.

    3. Prepare The Base: Digging up to 150mm for a flat surface, we’ll address pockets of air and remove any emerging pebbles or clay to get the base ready.

    4. Levelling The Base: Aiming for a near-perfect level, we keep the soil 20-30mm below the lawn edges for a smooth, Zen garden-like appearance.

    5. Enrich The Soil: Before laying the turf, we enrich the soil with top-quality fertiliser to ensure your lawn’s health and greenness.

    6. Laying The Turf: Install your turf on the same day of delivery to prevent “pallet burn,” ensuring the edges are tightly butted together.

    7. Finishing Touches: Tailor the turf around obstacles and ensure root-to-soil contact by cutting, trimming, and rolling. A sprinkle of sea salt helps, too.

    8. Watering: Keep the turf moist for 2-4 weeks to help roots establish without stepping on the new grass to ensure optimal growth.

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    Avoid These Common Mistakes for a Lush Buffalo Turf Lawn

    Prepare the Soil Properly: Skipping soil preparation can lead to poor drainage and the turf not taking root.

    Keep it Watered: Remember to water your new turf to prevent it from drying and dying.

    Cut and Shape Correctly: If the turf isn’t properly adjusted to fit your garden, you might have uneven growth and a patchy look.

    Expert Help: To dodge these issues, it’s wise to team up with a professional like Top Tier Turfing Solutions for a flawless installation.

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    Get Ready for Your Buffalo Turf Installation

    Before laying down your new Buffalo turf, some prep work is needed to ensure it takes root and thrives. Don’t worry, it’s straightforward:

    1. Check the Lay of the Land: Make sure your garden’s soil surface is even, clear of stone and plant debris, and has good water drainage.

    2. Out with the Old: Remove any existing grass, weeds, or plants, and give the soil a good turning over to about 10 cm deep.

    3. Nourish the Soil: Mix in organic matter like compost or manure to give your turf the best start.

    4. Watering Works: Install and test your irrigation system to ensure your new Buffalo turf gets the hydration it needs.

    A little effort in preparing your garden means your Buffalo turf has everything it needs to settle in and create a lush, green lawn for you to enjoy.

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    The best times for installing your new turf are during spring or autumn when the weather’s mild and there’s been plenty of rain. This helps your turf settle in and thrive. Avoid the scorching summer heat and droughts that can stress your new lawn.

    Considering your garden’s soil type, how well the area drains, and how much sunlight it gets will help ensure your turf grows healthy and strong.

    When to start? Our experts at Top Tier Turfing Solution are here to guide you every step of the way.

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    The overall expense for Sir Walter Buffalo Turf installation hinges on several key factors. Primarily, the size of your garden or outdoor space plays a crucial role, with larger areas naturally increasing the cost due to more turf and labour being required. Additionally, the variety of Buffalo turf chosen affects the price; premium, more resilient types tend to be pricier. The average costs range between $60-$80 per m2.

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    Depending on weather conditions and maintenance practices, Buffalo grass can take 3 to 6 weeks to establish.

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    During the establishment period, it is vital to water your Buffalo grass daily for the first two weeks, then gradually reduce watering to twice a week for the next four weeks.

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    It is recommended to wait at least two weeks after installation before mowing your Buffalo grass. When you start mowing, keep the blades sharp and avoid cutting more than one-third of the grass’s height at a time.

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    Buffalo grass should be fertilised twice a year, in spring and autumn, with a slow-release fertiliser that is high in nitrogen.

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    At Top Tier Turfing Solutions, we stand unparalleled in Sydney for our commitment to excellence in Buffalo turf installation. Our credentials are built on delivering unsurpassable quality and customer satisfaction. With us, you’re not just purchasing turf but investing in a comprehensive service that guarantees your garden will be transformed into a lush, vibrant outdoor space.

    Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals, is passionate about creating beautiful, durable lawns that stand the test of time. We exclusively use Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, renowned for its resilience, aesthetic appeal, and suitability for the Australian climate, ensuring your lawn remains green and inviting year-round.

    Our customer-centric approach prioritises your vision, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your space, lifestyle, and budget.

    Choose Top Tier Turfing Solutions for unmatched quality, expertise, and a personal touch that makes all the difference.

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