Residential Artificial Grass

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    Artificial Grass Installation

    Residential Artificial Grass

    Have you imagined stepping out onto a lush, green oasis that requires zero mowing or watering for many years? Our long-lasting artificial grass is the best choice for your Sydney home.

    Our top-tier residential artificial grass stands unrivalled for Sydney homes seeking the pinnacle of outdoor elegance and utility. Meticulously designed to blend with Sydney’s dynamic landscapes, our range epitomises both luxury and performance.

    It’s the choice for homeowners who demand the best quality and aesthetics. Each blade mimics the lushness and comfort of natural grass yet surpasses it with robust UV resistance to withstand the harsh Australian sun.

    With our premium artificial grass, your home will exude sophistication whilst offering a safe space for relaxation and family activities all year round.

    Residential Artificial Grass
    Wide Range of Services

    Suitable for Various Applications

    Backyard Putting Greens

    Transform your backyard with a professionally installed putting green that mirrors the quality of a golf course. Our services provide a consistent, low-maintenance surface for golf enthusiasts seeking to refine their skills at home.

    Front & Backyard Lawns

    Rejuvenate your residential landscapes with a seamless, UV-resistant turf that remains green all year round. Our supply and installation services give you a lush lawn that bypasses the need for watering, creating a sustainable and visually stunning environment.

    Pool Surrounds

    Our artificial turf offers a water-permeable and non-slip foundation resistant to chlorine and salt for a poolside oasis. Stylishly safe and relaxed makes for a visually appealing and practical water-edge experience.

    Outdoor Entertaining Areas

    Elevate your outdoor hosting with a versatile, contemporary turf that is easy to maintain. Ready to withstand the revelry of parties, our installation delivers an inviting surface that complements any outdoor setting.

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      Over 45+ 5 Star Reviews

      Transforming Sydney Spaces With Australian-Made Synthetic Turf

      Transform your yard into an evergreen retreat, save time and money on weeding, watering, fertilising and lawn maintenance.

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      Seamless Experience from Consultation to Clean-Up

      Our all-inclusive process covers everything from the initial consultation to the final clean-up, offering a hassle-free experience.

      Consultation and Planning
      1. Free Measure & Quote

      Our process begins with a free on-site measure and quote. This ensures transparency. We promptly send a formal quote after a site visit.

      Preparation & Planning
      2. Preparation & Planning

      Once you approve the quote, we book in time to complete your installation, we then order all the necessary materials. We aim to minimise disruptions and unforeseen issues.

      Installation & Clean Up
      3. Installation & Clean Up

      During your artificial grass installation, we uphold the highest standards of workmanship. Upon completion, we ensure the job site is cleaned thoroughly.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Apart from backyard putting greens, outdoor entertaining areas, pool surrounds, and front and back lawns, our Australian artificial grass products are also applicable to:

      Dog Runs: Our artificial grass supply and installation promise a hygienic, safe-feeling space for pets. Each blade is durable, odour-resistant, and effortless to clean, ensuring a pristine area for your dogs to play and relax in without the muddy mess.

      Play Areas: Designed with children’s safety in mind, our synthetic turf creates a soft and secure play space. It’s robust yet gentle, requiring minimal maintenance and a lush, green appearance that invites endless outdoor fun.

      Rooftops: Capitalise on urban space with our transformative artificial grass for rooftops. Weight-conscious and optimised for drainage, it’s an ideal way to create a verdant retreat in the city’s heart, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

      Pathways: Craft an enchanting garden path with our slip-resistant artificial grass. Its sturdy construction remains mud-free and visually appealing, adding charm to your walkways with customisable options tailored to your design preferences.

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      Our premium artificial grass is designed to withstand Sydney’s unique weather patterns, maintaining its vibrant colour and structural integrity through harsh sun, heavy rain, and varying temperatures. TTTS offers artificial grass with up to a 10-year warranty, assuring homeowners of its longevity and durability, making it a wise investment for your pool surrounds.

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      Safety is a paramount concern for us. TTTS provides artificial grass that is non-toxic, hard-wearing, and soft to the touch, ensuring a safe play environment for children and pets. Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet strict safety standards and provide a worry-free zone for the whole family.

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      By opting for TTTS’s artificial grass for your Sydney home, you are significantly reducing water usage as it eliminates the need for regular watering for natural grass. This contributes to water conservation efforts and reflects in reduced utility bills, benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

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      Our artificial grass is synonymous with ease and low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, it does not require mowing, seeding, or fertilising. A simple brush and occasional rinse are all needed to keep your grass fresh. Homeowners choose TTTS to liberate themselves from the time and effort spent on traditional lawn care.

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      Investing in high-quality artificial grass from TTTS can boost your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality, enhancing its desirability and market value. A pristine, year-round green space is a compelling feature for prospective buyers, making it a brilliant and lucrative addition to your Sydney home.

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